A Beginner’s Guide to a Grown Man’s Fantasy: Super Bowl XLVIII

By: Justin Nearon

“48 Facts You Need to Know About Super Bowl 48”


To be honest there are only 2 or 3 facts that you ‘need’ to know (which I highlighted), but that wouldn’t make for a very interesting article now who would it?

So instead let’s call it: “48 Facts You ‘Should’ Know About Super Bowl 48”

No. Wait. That’s not right either. Believe it or not, more than half the people watching the Super Bowl are casual fans who won’t watch another football game all year. No one is going to call you out if you don’t know more than….say…10 of these things.

Wait! I’ve Got it! We’ll call it “48 Facts to Help You Pass the Time During Another Bad Halftime Show!”

Dammit, that won’t work either! Bruno Mars is headlining that event, so it’s probably going to be a pretty good show.

Okay last try. “48 Facts To Help Distract You From the Overhyped Super Bowl Commercials That Rarely Live Up to Expectations”

Or if you’re in Canada: “48 Super Bowl Facts to Equal the Amount of Times You Will See the Same Bloody Canadian Tire Commercial”

We have a winner! Sure it’s not perfect. It’s probably 3 or 4 (or 17) words too long, but if I spend anymore time trying to figure it out, we’ll end up missing the whole damn game.


Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch – seahawks.com

Let’s Begin:

1. Super Bowl XVIII is on Sunday Feb 1st, kicking off at 6:30ET/3:30PT

2. It will be broadcasted on Fox in the U.S., CTV in Canada and Channel 4 in the UK

3. The NFC champion Seattle Seahawks(13-3) face the AFC champion Denver Broncos(13-3)

4. Denver has won 2 Super Bowls and Seattle has 0 in just 1 appearance

5. The Pittsburgh Steelers have an NFL best 6 Super Bowl titles

6. New York City will host the Super Bowl for thet 1st time

7. NYC will host the event, but the game itself will be played in New Jersey, where Giants Stadium is located.

8. As a matter of fact, both of New York’s NFL teams, the Giants and Jets, play in New Jersey

9. This is the 1st Super Bowl to be played outdoors in a cold weather city

10. It’s only the 5th Super Bowl played north of Atlanta. (Detroit twice, Indianapolis and Minneapolis once each and now New York)

11. Miami and New Orleans have each hosted the Super Bowls a record 10 times

12. The NFL hopes to have London host a Super Bowl in the next 10 years

Eric Decker (left) and Jessie James (right) - Courtesy Of Ben Watts/GQ

Eric Decker (left) and Jessie James (right) – Courtesy Of Ben Watts/GQ

13. This is Denver’s 7th Super Bowl Appearance. Only Dallas and Pittsburgh have more.

14. The Broncos scored 606 points this season, most in NFL history

15. The city of Denver’s last pro title was won by the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche in 2001

16. Broncos’ head coach John Fox missed 8 games after suffering a minor heart attack

17. Denver QB Peyton Manning is the funniest athlete ever to host Saturday Night Live

18. Manning’s brother Eli and father Archie are also veteran NFL quarterbacks

19. But it was Peyton’s older brother Connor who was considered the family’s most talented athlete, only to have a narrowing spine condition keep him out of football

20. Denver wide receiver, Eric Decker is a reality star on E! Television’s “Eric and Jessie”

21. Decker’s wife is country pop star Jessie James

22. Broncos vice president John Elway is one of the best quarterbacks ever to play in the NFL

23. But Elway made his real fortune when he sold 5 car dealerships for 82.5 million in 1997

Peyton Manning (left), John Fox (middle) and John Elway (right) - AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

Peyton Manning (left), John Fox (middle) and John Elway (right) – AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

24. Seahawks had the NFL’s best defence this year allowing less than 15 points a game.

25. Seattle fans hold the Guinness World Record for fan noise at 137.6 decibels. That’s as loud as a jet engine.

26. Those fans are known as “The 12th Man”

27. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was drafted last year by baseball’s Texas Rangers

28. Seattle born Macklemore celebrated with the team after they won the NFC Championship

29. Running Back Marshawn Lynch’s mom gives him a bag of skittles before each game

30. Skittles sent Lynch a 24 month supply of the candy along with a dispenser for his locker

31. Supposed “thug”, cornerback Richard Sherman, is in the process of earning a Masters Degree in Communication from Stanford.

32. The Seahawks have the biggest geographical reach of fans in the NFL. Washington State, British Columbia, Alberta, Alaska, Idaho and Oregon are all considered ‘Seahawks Country’.

33. Seahawks’ owner Paul Allen cofounded Microsoft with Bill Gates and owns the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers.

34. The city’s last pro title came in 1979 with the NBA’s Seattle Sonics.

Macklemore in a “12th Man” Seahawks jersey - http://liveblog.seahawks.com/

Macklemore in a “12th Man” Seahawks jersey – http://liveblog.seahawks.com/

35. This year’s Super Bowl expects a Global audience of over 165 million

36. Believe it or not, in 2011 an ICC Cricket World Cup game between India and Pakistan drew more viewers, 1 billion, than any Super Bowl

37. A Super Bowl ad spot costs $4 million for 30 seconds

38. Arnold Schwarzenegger earned $3 million for starring in a Super Bowl commercial this year.

39. The NFL will make $73 million from Super Bowl ticket sales alone.

40. The lowest price tickets are $500; the highest are $2600; 2 premium tickets and a 4 night stay at New York’s Westin Hotel cost $15,999.99 at COSTCO

41. The game’s winning players earn $88,000 each; losing players make $46,000 apiece

42. Super Bowl halftime performers do not get paid

43. Over $100 million is expected to be bet on this years game

44. Seattle was favoured to win by 1 ½ points, but since so many people are putting money on Denver, the Broncos are now favoured by 2 ½ points

45. Las Vegas’ most profitable Super Bowl was in 2005 when they took $15.4 million from us; their worst was in 2008 when they lost $2.6 million to gamblers.

46. The craziest bet you can make on the game is: Will announcers say the word marijuana?

47. That’s because Washington and Colorado are the only states who have legalized pot

48. I predict the Seahawks will beat the Broncos 23-20. The fact that I live in Seattle’s neighbour to the north, Vancouver, BC, doesn’t influence my decision at all. Honest.


Macklemore in a “12th Man” Seahawks jersey – http://liveblog.seahawks.com/

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