A Beginner’s Guide to a Grown Man’s Fantasy: Super Bowl XLIX

49 Super Bowl Facts from the 49th Parallel


On February the 1st, 364 days after watching the Seattle Seahawks win the Lombardi Trophy in New York City, the NFL will crown a new champion at Super Bowl XLIX.  It’s an opportunity for the Seahawks to defend their title, for the Patriots to cement their legacy as one of pro sports greatest franchises and for me to give you 49 new Super Bowl facts.

After the relative success of last years article I’ll once again arm you with information, that while useless almost anywhere else, will make you look like the most avid football fan at any Super Bowl party.


Tom Brady (left) and wife Gisele Bundchen (right)

Let’s begin:

1.  Super Bowl XLIX is on Sunday, February 1st, kicking off at 6:30ET/3:30PT.

2.  It will be broadcasted on NBC in the U.S., and simulcast on CTV in Canada and Channel 4 in the UK.

3.  The NFC champion Seattle Seahawks(14-4) face the AFC champion New England Patriots (14-4).

4.  New England got here by destroying the Indianapolis Colts 42-7, deflated balls and all.  Seattle, 2 minutes away from defeat, rallied from a 19-7 beat Green Bay 28-22 in miraculous fashion.

5.  Football Outsiders ranked Seattle as the NFL’s No.1 team and New England as No.4 at the end of the regular season.

6.  The Seahawks had the 5th ranked offense and 1st ranked defense.

7.  New England was the league’s 4th best offensive team and 12th in defense.

8.  The game will be played at The University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. It’s 3rd time the state will host the Super Bowl (1996, 2008 & 2015)

9.  Arizona had Super Bowl XXVII taken away from them in 1991 after the state refused to recognize Martin Luther King Day as a public holiday.  Arizona voters would approve that holiday the following year.

10.  Arizona nearly lost the Super Bowl this year, as a result of their ban on same sex marriage. That ban was overturned by the U.S. federal courts last October.

11.  Next year’s Golden Super Bowl, the 50th edition, will be held in Santa Clara, California. That is the home of the San Francisco 49ers, who got their name from the great California Gold Rush of 1849.

12.  There will be 2 Canadians playing in the Super Bowl:  Punter Jon Ryan of Regina and tight end Luke Willson of Ontario.  Both players were instrumental in Seattle’s comeback against Green Bay in the NFC Championship game.

13.  This years games is will be broadcast in over 200 countries.  Over 100 million people will be watching, but only 2 percent of those viewers will come from outside the U.S.


The Seahawks “12th Man” – Reuters

14.  This is Seattle’s 3rd Super Bowl Appearance.  They are looking for their 2nd title.

15.  The Seahawks are are attempting to become the first team to win back to back titles since the Patriots in 2004 and 2005

16.  The city of Seattle has won 2 pro titles: The NBA’s Seattle Sonics in 1979 and the Seahawks last year.

17.  The Seahawks 2014 Super Bowl Parade in downtown Seattle drew an estimated 700,000 fans. Thats over 630,000 more people than actually live downtown.

18.  Seahawks fans are affectionately known as the ‘12th Man’.  The noise they make is so effective at disrupting the visiting team’s offense, that it’s like having an extra man on the field.

19.  Kansas City broke Seattle’s Guinness World Record for loudest roar at a sports stadium when they hit 142.2 decibels on Sept. 29th, 2014.  Ironically the team they were cheering against was the New England Patriots.

20.  Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was actually fired as coach of the New England Patriots back in 1999 despite winning 28 of 51 games and leading them to the playoffs twice in three years.

21.  Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch eats Skittles, because as a kid he believed it settled the belly aches he would get before games.

22.  The Seahawks Russell Wilson, at age 26, is trying to become the youngest QB in NFL history to win 2 titles.

23.  Wilson walks onto the field to the coolest chant in sports.  It’s a far cry from the reaction he used to get in primary school as an admitted playground bully.

24.  Last years post NFC Championship game rant by cornerback Richard Sherman may have been topped this year by wide receiver Doug Baldwin’s hissy fit.

25.  Richard Sherman was the highest paid Seahawk this year, with a salary of $14 million.  Center Patrick Lewis earned a team low $450,000.


 Doug Baldwin (left) and Richard Sherman (right) – AP Photo/Ted S Warren

26.  New England is making its 7th Super Bowl Appearance. Only the Cowboys and Steelers have more (8 each).

27. The Patriots are attempting to win their 4th title and first since the 2004-5 season.

28.  Since 1903 The City of Boston has seen 34 Championships in North America’s 4 major pro sports (NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL).

29.  With a win, the Pats Bill Belichick will tie an NFL record for most Super Bowl titles by a head coach with 4.  With a loss he’ll become just the 4th coach in NFL history to lose 3 straight championship games.

30.  Belichick’s B.F.F. is rockstar Jon Bon Jovi, who attempted to buy the Buffalo Bills and move them to Toronto last year.

31.  The Seahawks may be closer to Hollywood, but the Patriots have more diehard A-List fans including Mark Wahlberg, Kate Hudson, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Steven Tyler and Conan O’brien.

32.  Patriots Linebacker Chandler Jones is the younger sibling of UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones.  Chandler’s other brother Arthur, plays for the same Indianapolis Colts team that New England beat to advance to the Super Bowl.

33.  New England’s Tom Brady is trying to become just the 3rd quarterback in NFL history to win 4 titles.  Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana are the other two.

34.  Brady has a net worth of $125 million.  His wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, has $320 million to her name.

35.  Brady’s ex wife, actress Bridget Moynahan, is worth $25 million.  It’s safe to say their son John doesn’t have to worry about college tuition.

36.  Not surprisingly Mr. Brady is the Pats’ highest earner this year $14,120,000.  Backup linebacker James Morris is the lowest at $420,000.

37.  This is New England tight end Rob Gronkowski’s resume over the last 5 years: 4,379 yards; 49 touchdowns; 2 topless partying experiences during Super Bowl weekend; 1 appearance on a FOX dating show; 3 twitter pics of him and adult film star Bibi Jones; 1 offer of $3.75 million to star in a scene with said porn star.  Can you say M.V.P.?!!


New England’s Rob Gronkowski with…ahem…fans – terezowens.com

38.  At $4.5 million per commercial, Super Bowl ad revenue is expected to go well over $250 million for broadcaster NBC this year.

39.  2 Canadian directors are amongst the 10 finalists who can win $1 million dollars by having their Doritos ad picked to play during the Super Bowl.  You can’t vote for them (“When Pigs Fly” or “Selfish Sneezers”) here.

40.  The average price of a ticket has actually dropped from $3000 last year to $2,879 for this year’s Super Bowl.

41. A ticket at the 50 yard line could fetch up to $10,000.

42. Katy Perry will headline the Halftime Show, accompanied by Lenny Kravitz.  Idina Menzel of Frozen fame will sing the National Anthem and John Legend will do “America the Beautiful”.

43.  Perry said she was asked, but refused to pay for the right to perform at the game. Halftime performers reportedly see a decided bump in their post-Super Bowl tour earnings, which the NFL wanted a piece of.

44.  At Super Bowl I in 1968 a winning earned a bonus of $15,000, which was about half of his regular season salary.  At this year’s game the winners will earn $92,000 each and the losers $46,000.

45.  The New England Patriots are favoured to win by 1 point (as of Jan. 27th).  That could fluctuate as bets come in and the status of injured Seahawks Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas becomes clearer.

46.  Las Vegas casinos originally had the Seahawks winning by 3, but within 24 hours it dropped to even (no favourite).  This suggested they screwed up their initial prediction, a mistake that could cost them millions of dollars.

47.  The team that scores first in the Super Bowl wins 67% of the time (32 wins 16 losses).

48.  Over $120 million is expected to be bet on this years game.  Last year Vegas casinos took in a record $119 million in wagers, while making a profit of $20 million.

49.  I live 3 hours north of Seattle, in a city the claims the Seahawks as their own, so while I’d love for them to defend their crown,  the numbers tell me something else.  My Super Bowl XLIX prediction: New England 20 Seattle 17


Tom Brady (middle) vs The Seattle Seahawks – NBC.com

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