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Occupation:Lead singer/guitarist/song writer

WBD:Where and how did Pompeya begin?

Pompeya begin in 2006 in Moscow as a jamming trio. We used to play gigs with unfinished songs and by improvising lyrics on stage. It was a nice experiment, nothing serious though… Many things have changed since those days. We have performed professionally since 2011 when our first LP came out in Russia – “Tropical” which was re-released in the states in 2013.

WBD:Describe your sound in 3 words.

Tropical punk funk (Β©brandon b jones)

WBD:What’s coming up for you that you’re excited about?

A lot of things – a new video premiere – Pasadena. It was filmed by Josh Forbes.
Our new LP “Real” just came out on No Shame – and we’re very excited to be back in the states soon to promote it! As well as to perform some special gigs.

WBD:Where do you see Pompeya a year from now?

Anywhere from where we are right now!

WBD:What distinguishes you from other bands?

This is a very hard question for a musician! Hopefully there is something that does… at least we are trying to perform the music we feel there is lack of today!

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