How to Dress for Success

By Hollywood’s Elite Stylist, Kimberlee Tokarz

Getting dressed can be a frustrating thing for any occasion, but trying to figure out what to wear to work, how to be taken seriously in your career, and what’s appropriate at the office, it can feel like an overwhelming task when required on a daily basis. My biggest advice would be:Β Dress As You Want to Be Seen!Β If you want to be a manager, move up in your company, or even be taken more seriously take a look at what your superiors are wearing and that should give you a good indication of what is expected. This is obviously dependent on what type of job or career you’re in as well.

Most corporations or executive positions expect a very traditional look. Too many people go into a job underdressed or even inappropriately dressed. You can avoid this by understanding your place of work and the people that make it up.

A Classic Suit:

Buy a good suit (or two). Choose a classic neutral color like black or navy and if you buy more than one have fun with other shades, textures, and/or prints. When picking a suit don’t be afraid to splurge a little because not only can it be styled together, but also as separates. You also want to be careful with fit (which I’m personally super picky about). Spend a little time trying them on to really find the right style and cut for your body type and get them tailored if needed! Don’t forget to be yourself. Yes, you may be required to wear a more serious look, but there’s always room to show a little bit of you.

Separates and Tops:

Once you buy a few suits, buying separates that can be incorporated is key. You can mix and match colors and prints with blazers, trousers, skirts and tops. Remember you’re not dressing to attract, you’re dressing to create credibility. So, when choosing your pieces keep that in mind. Don’t buy a super low-cut blouse, unless you plan to put a cami under. Don’t buy a short mini skirt, a good appropriate length would be right above the knee.

Again, I have to mention how important fit is. Make sure you’re pieces fit you correctly. If your trousers are too long, tailor them. If your blazer needs to be taken in or let out, tailor them. If you leave clothes too tight, you may attract the wrong kind of attention and if your pieces are too big, you may look sloppy.

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