My New Fav Spot: RAMEN ISSHIN (Toronto)

What It Is: Japanese Ramen Noodle Restaurant

Location: 421 College Street | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

MNFS - KJ at Ramen Isshin

I <3 Noodles. It’s no secret. I’m an addict. Ramen Isshin is so amazing, I crave their noodlesΒ again the next day.
That’s why it’s such a #BigDeal.

– Krista | WBD TO

We recently had a chance to talk to Partner Jason Matsubara about all things “Isshin”.

WBD: What was your inspiration for opening? What was your vision?

We wanted to showcase our Partner Koji’s style of Ramen and have him bring it to the People of Toronto. Our goal was to create a unique flavour that was different than everyone else and at the same time provide that true Japanese flavour and experience when you come to our shop. Many Japanese people have told us they feel like they are at home after eating our Ramen.

WBD: What’s your personal favorite item off your menu?

We actually like everything on this menu. If we had to pick… it would have to be the wok fried red miso ramen or the black tan tan. I think our Chicken Karaage is one of our best apps. All 3 partners love to drink beer, especially Asahi. This menu was planned so that if you just ate the appetizers and drank beer all night it would work really well, or any of our apps would go great with our Ramen.

WBD @ Ramen Isshin

WBD: What sets you apart from the rest?

I think first and foremost, our noodles set us apart. From taste, texture, chewiness, bite and flavour make a huge difference in our Ramen. Their are 2 other factors as well, we serve a rich red miso based ramen which no one else had at the time, but more importantly, this process involved wok frying which creates a deeper, smokier, richer flavour profile while at the same time making it super hot.

WBD: Tell us something patrons might not know about Ramen Isshin.

Isshin means One Heart. So we named our restaurant that because it takes a lot of heart, dedication and pride to open and run an establishment such as this. One heart, One ramen. Our only purpose.

We also serve up 4 Vegetarian bowls of Ramen here. Our goal was to give our Vegetarian customers the exact same taste, texture & most importantly
the experience that one would have eating our Isshin Tonkotsu Ramen.

We are now considered to be one of the top Vegetarian bowls of Ramen served up in Toronto based on reviews and feedback from customers.

WBD: Tell us of a proud/happy moment you’ve experienced at Ramen Isshin.

Every review on social media, news sites, websites, newspapers or magazines that feature us is awesome. We appreciate all forms of honesty as it only makes us improve and strive to be better.

To us this is online social credibility & proof that we are providing the city of Toronto with a great product. It fills us with pride every time we see something like this and we are humbled every time we get another great article or review.

Thanks for the #RamenLove everyone.

WBD @ Ramen Isshin 2

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