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WBD sat down with Roberta Bierman & Jane Marlinga, professional dancers and co-founders of A3 District, a project to create an environment to support artists of all kinds in their community in Vancouver, Canada. Read on, get inspired and let’s support this cause!

WBD:What does the name A3 District mean and stand for?

A3 is an acronym for ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYPLACE. As artists, we submerge ourselves so heavily in this lifestyle that we literally ‘eat, sleep and breathe’ our craft. When trying to come up with a name, we saw the acronym, looked at each other and instantly knew that it was the ONE!! Dance is our number one passion, when were not physically doing it, were thinking about it or talking about it 24/7. There couldn’t be a better way to describe that we believe in living your passion Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace.

WBD:What inspired you to start this project?

Our dance crew was homeless!! Haha! But actually! We had no studio to call our ‘home’ and were tired of renting from numerous studios around the city. Once the idea was created we started brainstorming ways to take it a step further. After a recent collaboration with drummer Jesse Manason, we were inspired to create more connections between artists. How cool would it be to have a spot where you could find a dancer, musician, photographer or visual artist at any time.

Co-Founders Jane Marlinga & Roberta Bierman

WBD:What is your ultimate vision for A3 District?

To take over the world!! Just kidding, we truly want to create a place for artists of all genres to call home. :)

WBD:What needs to be done to achieve this vision and what can people do to help?

We have the passion, the drive and the community….but we don’t have the financial backing. The costs of creating a space to cater to each artist’s needs are extremely high and in order for us to supply this environment we need financial help. We currently have an Indiegogo campaign running (just a few weeks left) in hopes to fund the initial renovations at our space. Any donation helps, even if its just $1! We have some great rewards for all our backers!

View our campaign and donate here –>

Our upcoming event will also act as a fundraiser, simply buying a ticket and attending the event is a contribution!
Be sure to “Like” our page on Facebook, follow us on instagram and twitter, and subscribe to us on youtube!

WBD:Tell us about your upcoming event.

Our event is a sneak peak of what A3 District is trying to promote! Its a showcase involving numerous artists based out of BC. The event also serves as a fundraiser to turn this dream into reality! Come to the show and witness live music, dance, film, photography, visual art displays and more!
Get your early bird tickets NOW at
Want to be a part of the event?! We are accepting submission for any artists who are interested in showcasing or displaying their art. Submit your work to

Thanks Roberta & Jane for taking the time to sit down with WBD and share your vision. We’re so inspired and we wish you all the success in the world!

Look out for WBD at the event, taking photos with our signature sign & giving out prizes!

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