What To Wear On A Date? Five Outfit Ideas Chosen By Guys

By: Josephine Cruz

I have some amazing girlfriends, but since I was a toddler my friend group has always consisted of way more guys than gals. Being that I have a good spread of both sexes in my inner circle, one of my favourite things is noting the differences in the ways that guys and girls think about things. I love posing the same questions to both my male and female friends and seeing how they answer, especially if those questions surround fashion or outfits.

I recently eavesdropped over some female coworkers deciding what to wear on their respective dates, and decided to go straight to my sources to see what guys really want to see girls in when they go out to dinner or a movie. I showed them a bunch of possible outfit photos and asked them to pick their favourites and give reasons why. The answers might surprise you! Ladies – take note!

1. Boots with jeans tucked in.

Almost everyone in my focus group picked this look as one of their favourites. I love that you can dress it up with a pretty blouse and some jewelry, or down with a simple t-shirt and a scarf.


source: thefashionablegal.com


source: findgoodstoday.com











2. Jeans with a white tee.

I’ve always thought one could never go wrong with this look, and the guys seemed to agree. Flats or heels both work equally as well with this classic combo, depending on where you’re going. If I wear a shirt with a more oversized fit I will wear heels and some statement jewelry to dress it up and keep it from looking like pajamas.

source: alltheprettybirds.blogspot.it

3. Leggings with an oversize sweater or tunic on top

This is one that surprised me because I always thought that guys hated leggings, but apparently not!

source: runnwayfashion.com

4. A pencil skirt and heels.

It’s amazing how flattering this look is for many different body types. Kim and Khloe Kardashian prove that even curvier/taller ladies can rock this with the best of them! I think guys love this look because it accentuates the waist on shows off that feminine physique.

source: fashionbombdaily.com

5. Whatever you feel best in!

This might seem like a cop out, but I felt I had to include it. From the mouth of one of the guys I polled: “I notice what a girl is wearing but not nearly as much as you’d think. I’m way more interested in her demeanor and mood. If you’re wearing something that you don’t feel comfortable in, it’s going to show in the way you act. I’d rather my girl be happy, smiling and in sweatpants versus being miserable in a crop top and booty shorts.”

source: discotiger.tumblr.com

What’s your favourite date-night outfit? Do you agree with my guys’ picks?

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