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Exclusive interview with Cali Lights

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WBD:What inspired you to start singing & how did you get started?

I always sang, but at some point rollerblading in the basement to music, while pretending it was my concert had to come to an end – I had to start taking things a bit more seriously. So I started taking classical music classes at the age of 10 which was honestly, kinda boring and restricting, but it taught me the basics.

I moved to L.A eventually after getting attention from A&R’s at Capitol, Warner and Virgin records at 13 after singing in a showcase back in Florida. Everything began to slowly lead to the next thing – funnily enough some of the “”failures”” brought me to way better things. I wouldn’t be able to have the freedom I have today at 21 (years old) with my sound, style and lyrics for this EP. If you don’t let loose it’s hard to create something people can connect with.

WBD:What has one of your greatest accomplishments been so far in your career?

Ocean Dreams

Hmmm… living in L.A and getting to record as a “Pop Girl” with Richie from The Ramones in Paramount studios was a bit surreal. It made me realize that I wanted to bring the fearlessness of punk into pop songs in my delivery/lyrics.

I have to say that finally releasing something to the public next month is at the top, my EP Night Surfing is really just the start of what’s to come this year.

WBD:Describe your sound in 3 words.

Hot. Wet. Mess.

WBD:What’s your favorite part about performing live.

Concepts and storytelling. I am such a visual person when it comes to music. I’m always coming up with different versions of the same song, sometimes what you hear live is actually how the original idea started and it’s nice to go back to some kind of more simple organic sound. The thing is it may be all fireworks and neon lights at times but the next song will probably take you somewhere completely different and darker. I don’t like doing the expected, I like doing the unpredictable, and so much more.

WBD:Is there anything else you’d like to share with readers?

Yes, if you want to do music don’t be surprised if people don’t turn out to give you the world like they promise. Also there is always someone else who has more contacts & budget etc than you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the gloves out and fight back. I think it’s important to find what works for you – it’ll get you much further. Just be ready to sweat, cry and fall a whole lot – and you’ll get there.

Tropical City

Also! Here’s a sneak peak of Cali Lights single from the new EP that will be coming out soon!

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