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Hometown:Horsham, PA


WBD:What sparked your interest in music and how did you get started?

Music grabbed my attention early on. Both of my parents were fans and they introduced me to some cool albums and concerts at an early age. Movies like the Commitments also had a strong influence on me. The allure of starting a band was powerful ever since I could grasp the concept. I started my first band at 9 or 10, as soon as I began learning to play bass. I took to it right away and began touring by the time I was 16.

WBD:Describe your sound in 3 words.vacationer3

Chilled trip pop.

WBD:Who are your biggest musical influences?

At this point in my life my influences are vast. Generally they fall in between The Beach Boys, David Byrne and Radiohead.

WBD:What is your favorite part of performing live?

I’m always chasing the magic moments that come with performing when everything connects. That instance when the performance is inspired and present while the crowd is visibly connected. That’s where the butterflies come from.

WBD:Tell us one of the coolest things that’s happened in your career so far.

The first time I got signed to a record contract I was 16. At that point I was pipe-dreaming. When I heard about the deal it had to be the most excited I’ve been about my career to date. It meant that I didn’t have to ask myself what I would do with my life. I could do what I love.

WBD:What’s coming up for you that you’re excited about?

We are leaving for tour as I write. We haven’t toured all summer, so I’m eager to see everyone out there and cut loose.

WBD:Who would you love to work with and why?

I’d really love to sing a top line for Classixx. They’ve created the best dance album of last year in my opinion. I see other singers come in and sing over their tracks, seems like it would be great fun.

WBD:What advice do you have for aspiring musicians?

Don’t try to read minds. Make the music that makes you happy.





Tour Dates:

October 1 – New Haven, CT @ BAR  – Brick+Morter Support

October 2 – Providence, RI @ Fete Ballroom  – Brick+Morter Support

October 3 – New York, NY @ Marlin Room at Webster Hall / Downtown Festival
October 19  – St. Louis, MO @ The Demo – Brick+Morter Support

October 20 – Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room – Brick+Morter Support

October 21 – Denver, CO @ Hi Dive

October 22 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court – Brick+Morter Support

October 25 – Santa Ana, CA @ Beach Goth at The Observatory Grounds (2:00pm)

October 25 – San Diego, CA @ Casbah – Brick+Morter Support

October 26 – West Hollywood, CA @ The Roxy – Brick+Morter Support

October 27 – San Francisco, CA @ Slims – Brick+Morter Support

October 29 – Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios – Brick+Morter Support

October 30 – Seattle, WA @ Barboza – Brick+Morter Support

November 1 – Vancouver, BC            @ Electric Owl – Brick+Morter Support

November 4 – Edmonton, AB @ The Starlite Room w/St. Lucia

November 5 – Calgary, AB @ The Republik w/St. Lucia

November 7 – Winnipeg, MB @ Pyramid Cabaret w/St. Lucia

November 8 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue w/St. Lucia

November 10 – Chicago, IL @ Metro w/St. Lucia

November 11 – Chicago, IL @ Metro w/St. Lucia

November 12 – Detroit, MI @ Crofoot Ballroom w/St. Lucia

November 14 – Toronto, ON @ Danforth Music Hall w/St. Lucia

November 15 – Albany, NY @ The Hollow w/St. Lucia

November 16  Northampton, MA @ Iron Horse – Brick+Morter Support

November 17  Boston, MA @ The Sinclair – Brick+Morter Support

WBD's Fun Five
with Vacationer
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?
Costa Rica as of late. It really operates at my pace with a perfect vibe.
If I gave you $20 to spend on anything right now, what would it be?
Used vinyl and an iced coffee.
Tell us something about yourself that would surprise people.
I've eaten gluten-free for almost a year now, just to see how it feels. I don't have the allergy thing, but I feel great cutting it out.
What advice would you give to your 15 year old self?
Just relax, buddy.
One guilty pleasure you aren't willing to give up?
Sleeping in on most days.

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