You’re A Big Deal: Anthony Ingruber from the Film, “Age Of Adaline”


Hometown: Wassenaar, Netherlands


WBD:Who are your biggest influences?

I have a love of film and great respect for actors and the film industry. I think my biggest influences are actors like Jack Nicholson, Gary Oldman and Daniel Day Lewis. However the earliest and strongest influence to pursue acting is Harrison Ford.

WBD:How did you get started making youtube videos?

The impressions were something I started in my early teens both because I enjoyed them and also as an “ice breaker” to make new friends due to my very international upbringing and constant shifting environment. After High school I was fortunate enough to intern at Weta Workshop in New Zealand. While there I made a short video of my impressions for Sir Richard Taylor who enjoyed them and encouraged me to continue. It was actually my mothers idea to share them on Youtube. I continued managing the site while pursuing auditions in Toronto and it was my youtube impression of Harrison Ford that got me the role in Age of Adaline.

WBD:What is your favorite impression to do?

That’s a tough question! I enjoy doing them all and I love that people enjoy them. I think my Harrison Ford is the most popular though and has definitely paid off in a big way!


WBD:What was your favorite part about filming “Age of Adaline”?

The entire film for me was a big learning experience and working with such a terrific director, Lee Toland Krieger, and a great team of people was a good way to ease me into it. Everyone was really courteous and professional and really made me comfortable despite the shift from amateur to big time. The most amazing moment was when I was able to meet Harrison. It was very difficult keeping my composure but luckily I was able to! It was a very special moment for me and something I’m incredibly grateful for.

WBD:What did Harrison Ford think of you playing a younger version of him in “Age Of Adeline”?

Unfortunately I couldn’t ask him myself at the premiere due to his accident but I was told that he loved the film and really enjoyed my performance. There’s actually a special feature on the dvd about that!


WBD:What advice do you have for someone wanting to start down your path?

I suppose to trust your own intuition and continue doing what you feel is right and makes you happy. I’m very glad that I listened to my intuition and kept my youtube site despite being told by some agency people that I should delete it. If I had done so there is no way I would have had the opportunity to play my childhood hero in a movie.

WBD:There’s been a lot of buzz of people wanting you to play Han Solo in the next Star Wars episode. What’s the real story?

Im really touched and flattered that the fans are so vocal in support. Of course I would love to play the role and Im confident that I would deliver a strong performance.

WBD:What’s coming up for you that you’re excited about?

I have a few exciting things but nothing I can share yet!

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