You’re A Big Deal: Trisha Vergo from “The Bachelor Canada”

TrishaHometown:Β Edmonton, Alberta

Occupation:Beauty Queen – facilitating professional development in education

WBD:What made you decide to audition for “The Bachelor Canada”?

Well I wanted to take a chance and do something spontaneous and new, hoping that I might find true love. Anyway, who doesn’t want to travel the world like they’re a supermodel! Seeing amazing places, eating fantastic food and going on dream dates!

WBD:How was the audition process for the show?

I had to submit a video as well as an online questionnaire. I was then selected to meet with the producers one on one. I was really nervous but just tried to be myself. I guess it paid off because I made it on the show! From start to finish it’s definitely a process, you have to believe this is what you want. It’s well worth it when you’re sitting on a yacht in the Bahamas with a handsome man and making some new friends…

WBD:What was the hardest part of living in “The Bachelor Canada” house with all those other women?

It’s exactly what you would think. They all want to date Trisha Vergo Editorial WBD“your” man!

WBD:What would be your dream job?

Is professional Bachelorette a job? I’m just joking – I always had a passion for travel and I love people, so being a travel host sounds like the perfect job to me!

WBD:What’s coming up for you that you’re excited about?

I’m working with the producers of the Bachelor on a new project! It’s still hush hush but I can’t wait. I will be working with some very exciting companies this year on a number of different projects. One that i’m crazy about is Foxy OriginalΒ – a super editorial style Toronto based Jewelry line. It’ll be great to pursue avenues that I’ve always had a passion for with regards to my career.

WBD:What advice do you have for someone wanting to start down your path?

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. It’s clichΓ© but I swear it works. Also don’t be afraid to try new things. Putting yourself in situations that are foreign or uncomfortable really makes you grow as a person. Either way positive or not, you are learning about yourself.

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WBD's Fun Five
with Trisha Vergo
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?
Australia! I'm obsessed with the Great Barrier Reef and living in a place that's so beautiful, surrounded by such cool animals and where my wardrobe consists of bikinis is my idea of bliss.
If I gave you $20 to spend on anything right now, what would it be?
Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil! I put it on everything lol!
Tell us something about yourself that would surprise people.
I am on the donor list for One Match Stem Cell and Marrow Network. Fewer than 25 percent of patients who need stem cell transplants are able to find a match within their own families - meaning 75% have to rely on volunteer donors.
What advice would you give to your 15 year old self?
Love starts with yourself & don't be afraid to take a chance. Also moisturize & always wear sunscreen!!
One guilty pleasure you aren't willing to give up?

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